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 Saison 2 (US)

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MessageSujet: Saison 2 (US)   Jeu 9 Oct - 10:57


- Deee-Lite : "Groove is in the Heart"

The song plays during the Ocean Side Wellness group video at the beginning of the episode.

- The Black Keys: "10 AM Automatic"

First use: Charlotte and Cooper fool around.
Second use: Charlotte and Cooper start hooking up again. Third Use: The song plays as Charlotte and Cooper hook up on Cooper's bed.

- Ryan Auffenberg : "Dizzy Spells"

The song plays as Addison decides to tell Sam the truth about Naomi. Addison and Sam decide what to do. Charlotte might be willing to go on vacation with Cooper. Kevin Nelson shows up at Addison's door. Naomi comes over to Sam's house.

- Nico Stai: "Maybe Maybe"

The song plays as Addison tries to save the baby. Violet and Madison talk about travel. Naomi thanks Addison for saving the Madisons' baby. Pete tells cooper he did the right thing, when he talked to Dean.

- Don Covay & The Goodtimers : "Mercy, Mercy"

The song plays as the Ocean Side Wellness group doctors meet for drinks. Pete talks to Addison. Sam trys to talk to Naomi. Violet talks to Cooper about vacation.

- Wilco: "On and On and On"

The song plays as Sam makes an announcement to the group in the conference room. Naomi waits for the elevator, as the Ocean Side Wellness video plays.


- The Cars : "Shake It Up"

Addison dials the phone. Naomi answers and hangs up on Addison. Addison calls Sam. Naomi hangs up on Sam. Sam calls Addison back. Cooper sets a lunch date with Charlotte.

- Kathryn Williams : "Flicker"

Naomi and Addison explain that they will not do the tubal ligation. Lisa is outraged to find out that Brian knew they were brother and sister. Cooper needs Violet to help him delouse. Cooper tells Violet about Charlotte.

- The Sundays : "Here's Where the Story Ends"

Addison tells Naomi she made an appointment for Lisa with Violet. Naomi says Brian is staying at a hotel. Addison puts in one more jab on the subject of friendship. Addison calls Kevin and leaves a long message on his voicemail.

- Foo Fighters : "Home"

Naomi rejects Addison again. Violet tries to reassure Naomi. Sam extubates Kirk. Father and son share final moments. Cooper tells Charlotte she matters.


- Elvis Presley : "What'd I Say"

Song plays during shots of the coastline. Sam & Naomi finish up. Sam asks for advice. Addison & Pete run on treadmills.

- Sonya Kitchell : "Walk Away"

Naomi wants Dell back. Addison thinks he's happy.

- Aimee Mann : "Little Tornado"

Addison tells Dell that he ran away. Violet watches Linda & Jesse and Addison & Naomi. Violet tells Naomi to work it out with Addison.

- The Cars : "Good Times Roll"

Charlotte starts talking. Kevin teaches Addison how to shoot.


- Luscious Jackson : "Naked Eye"

Addison talks on her cell phone. Pete and Addison talk about Sam& Naomi. Addison conferences Violet. Violet conferences Cooper. Cooper watches Charlotte dress like a school girl. Kevin arrives at Addison's door with takeout, wine, and DVDs.

- Tim Meyers : "From Father To Son"

Cooper tells Nicole he's a good doctor. Braden might have something called Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. Naomi and Sam argue over who cares more about Dell.

- Dukes Of Daville : "Cry Baby"

Naomi and Sam digest what just happened. Addison and Pete see them kiss. Pete and Meg have a conversation about smoking. Cooper and Charlotte get to know each other. Kevin arrives at Addison's house.

- 205 LET IT GO

- Talking Heads : "Burning Down The House"

Addison figures out how much money she needs to save the practice and then asks Kevin to sleep with her. Pete talks to Meg about the dangers of smoking and then they go again. Cooper and Charlotte discuss taking the next step in their relationship.

- Funkadelic : "Hit It and Quit It"

Naomi and Sam defend the fourth floor to Addison. Naomi sees Sam's earring and suggests she and Maya have dinner at Sam's.

- The Primitives : "Crash"

Cooper breaks the bad news to Charlotte but she has an alternative scenario ready. Naked Chinese food. Maya is psyched about her parents getting back together. Sam and Naomi are not so sure.

- Holly Palmer : "Be The Only One"

Addison tells Naomi that sometimes you have to let go. Violet gives Kara the file.

- Sonya Kitchell : "Burn Brightly"

Sam tells Naomi that he's ready, but now she isn't. They say goodbye. Cooper is there for Violet. Dell brings by the lab results. Naomi tells Addison to go ahead and lease the fourth floor. Pete says goodbye to Meg.


- Rick James : "Give It To Me Baby"

Kevin comes home after a difficult day. Addison waits for him to remove his hidden gun. The guys go out to a bar together and try to help Sam pick up on women.

- Le Tigre : "TKO"

Naomi gets a call from Addison. Addison follow Kevin to work.

- Sonya Kitchell : "Robin In The Snow"

Violet confronts Charlotte about Cooper. Henry sits vigil. Frances becomes lucid. Amy is having difficulties, and Laura comes to help.

- Belinda Carlisle : "Mad About You"

Sam tells Pete he is ready to date. Cooper tells Charlotte about his day. Addison comes clean with Kevin.


- Len - "Steal My Sunshine"

1st Use: Kevin sneaks into Addison's house SWAT style.
2nd Use: Kevin points his gun at Archer who is having sex with a woman on Addison's kitchen floor. Meg arrives at Pete's doorstep. Archer and Addison talk.

- The Nouvellas - "Satisfied"

Naomi and Addison talk about Kevin and Archer. Archer lets Kevin know he's not good enough for Addison. Cooper and Charlotte have a conversation about moving in together. Addison and Kevin leave the party early. Archer takes Naomi home.

- Nico Stai - "Panic And The Should"

Addison watches a surgeon work on Kevin. Addison goes to speak with Tess about her babies. Violet calls Judge Ortiz and learns that Jody is in danger.

- Suga Rush - "Ladies 'N' Gents"

Charlotte arrives, wearing edible erotic paint.

- Lex Land - "As Much As You Lead"

Kevin and Addison have a serious talk about their relationship. Dell tells Violet she did the right thing. Cooper and Charlotte have a serious conversation. Pete and Meg hang out at Pete's house. Addison talks to Archer. Addison shows up at Naomi's house.


- Sia - "You Have Been Loved"

Addison brings the baby to meet the DeGrays and Sean. Sean brings the baby to see its mother and say goodbye. Meg leads Renee out. Naomi tells Dell she is proud of him.

- Ray Lamontagne - "Achin' All The Time"

Cooper joins Violet and Sam trying to forgive themselves. Pete tries to comfort Naomi. Kevin tries to comfort Addison.


- Veruca Salt - "Seether"

Violet, Naomi & Addison talk about lack of sex. Addison, Naomi & Violet see a maintenance guy hang a Pacific Wellcare banner announcing free breakfast & coffee bar. Pete & Sam partake of free food. Sheldon expresses interest in Violet.

- Serena Ryder - "All for love"

Kevin wants to go to work. Addison is upset that he won't listen to her advice. Charlotte unpacks her stuff, gets ill in the box and realizes she just might be pregnant. Sheldon walks Violet to her door. They make out.

- Tanita Tikaram - "I might be crying"

Cooper tells Dell about his own birth mother.

- Nada Surf - "Here Goes Something"

Addison finds SWAT guy sitting at the bottom of the staircase. Naomi helps Sam learn to ride a bike. Pete & Violet comfort one another. Then it gets primal.


- Squeeze - "Goodbye Girl"

Kevin is well and ready to go home. Addison wants him to stay. Pete and Violet agree that they have to avoid each other & avoid temptation. Cooper and Charlotte wind up in the same elevator. Sam and Addison stare at an empty room.

- Leona Naess - "Swing Gently"

Charlotte knows Cooper tipped off Frank and Evan, but covered for him. Kevin tells Addison they're different. He puts a wad of cash on the table to pay for her cleaning lady and her gardener and he walks out.


- Etta James - "Something's Got A Hold On Me"

Pete and Violet in bed. Addison and Naomi do pilates and talk about Kevin and Wyatt.

- Lucy Schwartz - "Gone Away"

Cooper and Charlotte cannot save Michael. Arlene is devestated.

- Bryn Christopher - "Seconds Ago"

Naomi suggests they go for a drink. Addison says she has something to do. Sheldon wants to be friends. Sam gets his groove on. Addison calls Kevin.


- Rachael Yamagata - "Don't"

Sam examines Cynthia. Violet convinces her to tell Seth about Annette. He's shocked. Seth tries to reason away her homosexuality. He walks out. Kevin & Addison are awkward and argue with one another. Cynthia and Violet hope that Seth will come back.

- Clare Reynolds - "Don't give up"

Sonya makes Naomi feel more comfortable about her dating Sam. Charlotte talks about Big Daddy's chickens becoming her chickens. She tries to be strong. Coop is strong for her. She won't cry.

- Jesca Hoop - "Love is all we have"

Addison gives all the bad news. Pete goes in to tell Gracie. Daron makes his decision. He chooses Gracie. Violet & Annette help Cynthia pack her belongings. Sam tells them Seth isn't coming. Annette tells her she'll move in with her.

- Rachael Cantu - "Devil's thunder"

Violet tries to comfort Pete about Daron's choice. Sheldon arrives dropping a bomb on Pete. Nai admits her fears of Maya liking Sonya more. Charlotte finally breaks down. Cooper consoles her, holding her tight. Protecting her. Addison kisses Wyatt.


- Frente - "Bizarre Love Triangle"

Charlotte proposes to Cooper. Violet starts laughing so hard, she's almost in tears. Sheldon's getting dressed right outside. He hears Violet giggling.

- Maria Taylor - "Orchids"

Nora's terrified. Violet admits she's also afraid: she's pregnant. Nora tells her motherhood is great.

- Beth Rowley - "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground"

Violet walks Nora down the aisle, to the front pew. Cooper tells Violet he's getting married tonight. Violet reveals she's pregnant.

- Sigur Ros - "Fljotavik"

Pete holds Alexander as he dies. Judy gives her baby to Matt and Carrie. Addison admits she kissed another man. Kevin walks out. Cooper wants to marry Charlotte, but he knows she's grieving. He wants her wedding day to be happy. Charlotte walks out.


- David Mead - "Last Train Home"

Addison tries to tell Archer to go away. Charlotte tells Cooper she does not want to talk to him. Ellen tells Pete he is enabling Keith. Addison tells Tim his wife and the baby are doing well. Naomi and Archer talk about dating other people.

- Raphael Saadiq - "100 yard dash"

Sheldon comes by hoping to talk to Violet but Cooper shows up. Sonya waits while Sam talks to Naomi. Sam and Naomi talk. Pete tells Keith he needs to stay in the hospital.

- Max Morgan - "Loneliest Man in the World"

Naomi brings Sam to Pete for help with his Sonya-induced asthma. Violet and Cooper commiserate over In-N-Out. Addison and Archer make peace. Pete's potion works for Sam and Sonya. Archer cancels his date. Charlotte is ready to take Cooper back.


-Matt Hires - "A Perfect Day"

Cooper locate's Patty's parents. Dell tells Violet that it's the anxiety that's causing her pain. Addison admits her fears of losing Archer.

-Gavin Thorpe - "Stone's Throw"

Addison puts Archer in a coma to prevent damage from the ongoing seizures. Addison decides to go against Archer's wishes and calls Derek.

-Iain Archer - "Everything I've Got"

Cooper spills the beans to Charlotte. She's mad/hurt. They should be learning about raising a child together. Dell and Violet share a moment. Addison asks Naomi to go to Seattle with her and Archer

- 216 EX-LIFE (cross over Grey's)

-Naked Eyes - "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me"

Pete, Dell, Violet and Cooper await word from Seattle. Addison, Sam, Naomi, and Mark blow off steam until Derek leaves. Sam collapses.

-Patrick Watson - "Big Bird In A Small Cage"

Richard and Addison ask Bailey to get the CT on Archer. Pete is mad Violet used him to babysit her psychotic patient. Addison confers with Alex. She wants to rerun the tests and he wants to talk about Izzie.

-Rosi Golan - "Lullaby"

Derek, Addison, and Alex prepare for the surgery. Jen crashes. Violet yells at Pete. Charlotte sees Cooper and gives a hug. Addison saves Jen. Archer reads his CT scans.

-Tyler Ramsey - "Worried"

Charlotte tells Cooper she can't be in a three-way. Pete tells Violet she is being selfish. Bailey tells Sam she is going home to work on her marriage. Addison and Derek check on Jen and her baby. There is something wrong.


-Bonnie and Sheila - "You Keep Me Hanging On"

Naomi thinks Archer's her boyfriend. Addison asks, "Archer's committing?" Addison finds Archer making out with some woman on her front doorstep.

-Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - "Young and Lovestruck"

Naomi, Sam, Sonya, Violet and Cooper unwind with drinks. Archer is late. Addison confides in Pete that her brother is cheating on Naomi.

-Ray LaMontagne - "Be here now"

Violet reminds the couples therapy group to speak from the heart, even if communication is scary. Addison tells Naomi that Archer's cheating on her. Eleanor tells her husband Paul she made a mistake. He walks out.

-Otis Redding - "I Love You More Than Words Can Say"

Sam and Sonya make love. Sam accidentally calls Sonya "Naomi". Addison and Naomi hate Archer.

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Dim 12 Oct - 20:09

La chanson que tu cherches Bambi n'est autre que The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends Wink

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Se déguise pour Halloween

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Jeu 30 Oct - 13:56

McAddi adore la dernière du dernier épisode !!! c'est quoi ?

Dernière édition par McAddicted le Jeu 30 Oct - 14:27, édité 1 fois
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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Jeu 30 Oct - 14:22

musique édité pense que tu as ta réponse Mc Addi Wink

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Se déguise pour Halloween

Messages : 11222
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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Jeu 30 Oct - 14:25

cool McAddi va la chercher tout de suite Laughing
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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Ven 28 Nov - 23:42

Musique épisode 7 dispo Wink

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Ven 28 Nov - 23:49

Merci Fa! Wink J'aime beaucoup la dernière.
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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Mar 16 Déc - 16:12

Ep9 dispo !

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Mar 16 Déc - 17:15

j'avais entendu Sia pendant le 8 , j'étais trop fan devant l'épisode

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Mer 4 Fév - 17:22

Musique à jour !

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MessageSujet: Re: Saison 2 (US)   Ven 15 Mai - 15:54

La suite de la musique :


-Fray - "Happiness"

Dell finds Naomi working another vacation for Sam & Sonya. He tells her she's avoiding restarting her life after Archer. Noah tells Cooper that he's reevaluated his position. He no longer wants to do the surgery.

-Nikka Costa - "Love to Love You Less"

Naomi tells Sam that she is retiring from the travel agency. She has to find her own fun. Violet wants Cooper to talk to the Bug. Sam is not over Naomi. Sonya leaves. Naomi waits with Addison at the bar. Noah arrives. Addison tells him she's "Finishing".


-Salt N Peppa - "Whatta Man"

Sam, Cooper and Pete play a pickup game against Bryce and a few other guys. Naomi and Addison wach. Addison gets a call from Noah.

-Sleepy Rebels - "Magic girls"

Cooper and Charlotte fool around. Violet knocks on the door. Violet needs help tying her shoes. Pete and Addison talk. Dell arrives at OWG with his daughter.

-B.O.B - "Created A Monster"

Naomi and Pete pick up people in bars. Sam admits he never called Bryce.

-Katie Costello - "City Lights"

Addison and Pete talk about Violet's baby. Violet insists Katie is not ready to hear the truth. Dell talks to Katie.

-The Wombats - "Little Miss Pipedream"

Dell does Violet's ultrasound. Naomi looks hot. Naomi tells Sam that Bryce called her. Cooper finds Charlotte painting Violet's toenails. Addison talks to Morgan. Noah thanks Addison for taking care of his wife.


-The Isley Brothers - "It's your thing"

Addison is on her way to make a house call. Addison arrives at Noah's house. Noah sends her up to see Morgan.

-The Watson Twins - "Just like Heaven"

Charlotte and Violet talk and eat ice cream. Addison and Sam talk about doing the right thing. Violet complains. Naomi had a dream about Duncan. Pete walks by with Lisa and Ben.

-Jackie Greene - "I don't live in a dream"

Sam straightens Dell out. Charlotte sees Violet see Pete with Lisa and Ben. She tells Cooper that Violet needs him. Addison sends Noah away.


-The Spinners - "I'll be around"

Noah and Addison kiss. Cooper and Violet practice Lamaze. Charlotte threatens Cooper. Malcolm and Janine come to see Addison about Janine's shortness of breath. Dell rushes in late.

-Denison Witmer - "Carry the weight"

Addison is on her way to make a house call. Addison arrives at Noah's house. Noah sends her up to see Morgan.

-Fiction Family - "When She's Near"

Sam tells Naomi that they cannot be friends. Addison watches Malcolm and Janine together. Addison sees Noah down the hallway. Pete watches Violet nest. Sheldon passes Pete and goes into Violet's office. Sheldon talks to Violet.


-They might be Giants - "Birdhouse In Your Soul"

William startles Naomi. They will talk later. Charlotte tries to talk to Cooper but Violet buzzes. Everyone gathers. It's a false alarm.

-Zee Avi - "Monte"

Addison has an awkward scene with Morgan and Noah. Violet tells Pete she wants to 51/50 Katie. Pete and Sheldon advise her to wait. William wants Naomi to run PWC. Charlotte sees their meeting. Cooper has not shown up to stalk with her.

-Miranda Lee Richards "Breathless"

Violet and Naomi talk to Amelia about her options. Violet and Pete are in love. Dell tries to accept responsibility for the switch then tells Naomi and Sam he needs money to pay Heather off. Sam loses it and tells Naomi he still loves her. Katie shows up.

-Elliott Smith - "Angeles"

Sheldon asks Pete if he's heard from Violet. He goes away deflated knowing she chose Pete. Naomi tells Sam she's leaving the practice. Cooper approaches the front door and his phone rings. Charlotte says she needs him and he leaves to be with her.

-Rosie Thomas - "Say Hello"

Violet tries to call out but Katie muffles her. There is nothing to stop her.

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Saison 2 (US)
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