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 Les répliques cultes VO

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Fait un rêve érotique

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MessageSujet: Les répliques cultes VO   Mar 8 Juil - 3:33

Aller, j'inaugure ce topic avec sans conteste LE passage qui m'a fait le plus exploser de rire

Dans l'épisode 1x05:

- Naomi: Do not sleep with Pete!
- Addison: I don't wanna sleep with Pete!! My head wants to sleep with Pete!!!

J'ai littéralement explosé de rire quand Addi a dit ça Laughing , en plus avec sa voix qui monte dans les aigus et ses mimiques mdrrr
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Prescrit des porno à un patient

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MessageSujet: Re: Les répliques cultes VO   Mar 30 Sep - 20:00

dans l'épisode 101, pour toujours je me souviendrais de cette réplique :

addison : You want me gone, too bad, i'm in. i'm putting my foot down, it's down, i'm not going anywhere. I thought I had a big finish, but I don't so...
I do have a big finish !
iIf I hadn't been here today, if you got someone else, that girl would have died delievering her baby. I saved her life, I saved your asses. I'm a world class neonatal surgeon and i'm here to stay. welcome to the new oceanside wellness.
Naomi : That's why I didn't tell you she was coming.


Bannière faite par Ghis

Phoebe : Hang in there, it's gonna happen !
Ross : ok how do you know that?
Phoebe : because she's your lobster.
Chandler : oh, she's GOing somewhere

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Tient une bombe

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MessageSujet: Re: Les répliques cultes VO   Jeu 2 Oct - 16:30

Toutes vos répliques favorites en anglais

Addison: ...I was humiliated.
Violet: Were you completely naked? Did you stand in front of him like a pealed banana while he looked over your best parts? Because I have good parts and Cooper passed on them. I have good parts!

Addison: (to Violet) Batgirl can only sleep in total darkness.

Addison: "I don't get stood up. I'm Addison."

Violet: William Jefferson Clinton.
Addison: Huh?
Violet: It's 2010, Bill and Hillary have grown apart, it's nothing he did, just... it happens. We inexplicably run into each other a the Lincoln Memorial, and it's very late at night.
Addison: Oh. My. God.

Pete: We were not...
Addison: I am leaving, I'm hitting out.
Pete: What just happened?
Addison: Pete the cowboy, Pete the gladiator, thank you for that. It'll help.
Pete: Help for what?
Addison: Just this itch I've got.

Addison: You hit someone?
Pete: I know. It's stupid and incredible...but this guy, he was a... he deserved...
Addison: No it's not that, it's hit someone, with your fist, like a cowboy, like a... gladiator!
Pete: Yeah, yeah, like a gladiator.

Addison: It is raining.
Sam: You're wet.
Addison: Because it is raining. It rains in Seattle, which is where I left my umbrella. It does not rain in Los Angeles.
Dell: It rains in L.A. It's raining right now.
Addison: Really? Right now?

Naomi: Look at him, sitting up there with that dumb little dog.
Addison: Well, if you want,we could... I mean, you want to go and say hi, or... or you could just look a little longer.
Naomi: Yeah, the last one.
Addison: Okay.

Addison: I'm a world-class neonatal surgeon. And I'm here to stay. Welcome to the new Oceanside wellness.
Naomi: That's why I didn't tell you she was coming.

ADDISON: "What was that for?"
PETE: "To remind you that you�re not dried up. If you need me to remind you again... lemme know."
ADDISON: "Okay."

ADDISON: "I have a great guy, I don't have a baby, because I'm focusing on my career. Then I have the other guy and I don't have his baby because he's not the great guy. And now I don't have the great guy or the other guy and I'm finally ready to have a baby but I can't. That is so... exactly what my life is."

SAM: "Ow!"
ADDISON: "Idiot � you divorced Naomi?"
SAM: "Just mind your own business."
ADDISON: [slaps Sam again]
SAM: "Ouch!"
ADDISON: "Moron. She�s my best friend."
SAM: "Stop hitting me on top of my head."

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MessageSujet: Re: Les répliques cultes VO   

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Les répliques cultes VO
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